Sunday, February 15, 2015

Art Walk, Part Two: Sweet Endings!

Scrumptious Spotlight: HipPops Food Truck

Ice Cream that is far from ordinary!

Good evening, fellow foodies!

Well, after a flavor-packed meal at the Crazydilla food truck, I was in search for something to cleanse my palate of the hot and spicy goodness that was the Buffalo Quesadilla. I walked aimlessly up and down the rows of food trucks parked one behind the other, ready to serve the hungry, cultured visitors. Thankfully, I came across a vibrantly painted, blue and pink food truck, cleverly named "HipPOPs". When I started to think of all the different possibilities of what they meant by 'Pops', I never once thought of them putting Gelato on a popsicle stick, dipping it in a luscious chocolate sauce, and topping it off with chopped nuts, cookies, sprinkles, you name it. I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

I approached the window and the friendly staff inside greeted me with a warm smile, and proceeded to tell me about their best selling HipPop: The Godfather. This pop was, without a doubt, a pop I couldn't refuse. They take Pistachio gelato, dip it in a dark chocolate sauce, and roll it around in chopped up salted pistachios. For someone who isn't much of a pistachio ice cream fan, I have officially converted. Holy Sweetness! This pop was the perfect amount of sweet and salty! The gelato was not too sweet, and was silky smooth, but set up just enough to keep its shape. The dark chocolate sauce… nothing short of perfection! It coated every single crevice of the gelato, ensuring you of the perfect bite every single time. It wasn't too bitter, yet wasn't too sweet; perfectly balanced. The final touch to this perfect piece was the chopped pistachios that provided that little hint of saltiness, providing your sweet tooth with a hell of a ride. Speaking of having a sweet tooth, I'm not much of a fan of those desserts that leave you with a repugnant sweetness, the one that takes you from "Just a spoon full of sugar" to "Just a spoon full of Pepto-Bismol". That's why, for me, The Godfather pop is just the right amount of sweet and salty. I kind of wish they had a roadside assistance program. My tires would 'magically' go flat so much more often, lol.

To the Chief of Pops, Anthony, and everyone else that played a part in making this amazingly sweet treat, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You've sent my taste buds on a journey to a gelateria in Italy, while making the deal of a lifetime with The Don. When food takes you on a gastronomical journey, that's when it becomes unforgettable… Not that I won't be seeing you guys ever again, you'll want to get rid of me, lol.

As I sign off for tonight, my friends, I send you nothing but love and delicious noms, as always!

Exquisitely yours,


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